Turkey Day Countdown! *Gulp*

Up until now I've successfully avoided ever having to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. But this year my luck finally ran out/we decided that it would be nice to have our own dinner now that we have our own little family.

But of course I'm horribly unprepared. Work has been really crazy lately, N and I are both coming down with colds, and E's been feeling under the weather and cranky since he got his flu shot on Friday. Bleh. I wish I had another week to prepare.

But the holidays wait for no one. Since it will just be the three of us I'm planning keeping it as simple as I can: turkey, stuffing, potatoes, a vegetable dish/salad, store-bought rolls, and a homemade pie or two (N has his heart set on a berry pie and has vowed to help with the baking). My sister-in-law Miranda recommended this Alton Brown turkey recipe which seems doable and tasty, but other than that I'm not sure about which recipes to use.

Any specific suggestions? What are you guys going to cook?

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