As graceful as always

I almost forgot to post today. I've been in a bit of a funk since this morning when, carrying E, I slipped on the ice outside of his daycare and fell. My right knee and elbow took the blunt of the fall but poor E fell on his back and bonked his head lightly. It freaked him out quite a bit and upset me too. I felt horrible about dropping E (mother-of-the-year!) and then really embarrassed since my graceful landing was witnessed by several people who then kept asking if I was all right. Le sigh.

Also, E ate a chicken nugget at daycare that contained something he was allergic to and so when I came to pick him up the skin around one of his eyes was red and covered with little hives. But on the plus side, he was still having fun playing with the toys and didn't want to leave. I gave him a teaspoon of Benadryl right away and in about an hour and after a bath he was back to normal. When I had dropped him off I had asked the cook to check the ingredients of the nuggets for milk and eggs so I'm not quite sure where the breakdown occurred, but obviously something went wrong. The next time I drop him off I'm going to bring a bag of E-safe chicken nuggets for the daycare to keep in their freezer and feed to E if there's any doubt about the food they're serving that day in the future.

I know it's wasn't like anything super traumatic or even horrible happened today but I still feel like I've been put through a wringer. (Because I am a delicate flower like that.) So it's nice that I have an outing scheduled with some girlfriends tonight for dinner and some Christmas shopping. I'm still a little concerned about E's reaction. If E was going to be left with a sitter I would probably cancel but since N will be home so I can go out without feeling burdened by worry.

Now I just have to go clean my house like mad before my friends show up.

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