Bargains Galore!

I think I've mentioned before that I love dicey warehouse stores. Last Saturday I went with my friend Stephanie to the warehouse to see what they had. I've been twice before but neither previous trip was successful: the first time they were closed because a pipe had burst and the electricity was out, and the second time E threw a massive tantrum and we had to beat a hasty retreat. The store's only open on Saturdays and is way out by the SLC airport so it was annoying when those two trips were totally unproductive.

But this trip was blessedly E-free thanks to N graciously staying home with the little guy and it was the weekend after Thanksgiving so they were having a great sale. Clothes and shoes were all $5 off with most things being priced under $15 to begin with. The place was insanely packed but we still managed to find some good deals.

I got these boots that run about $50 online for...(wait for it)...$8! There was just one pair and they happened to be in my size. And I found a Michael Kors dress for $12 and a pair of strappy black sandals for $4. It was pretty great. Stephanie found a pair of Big Star jeans (apparently one of the designer brands that the kids are wearing these days) for $9. They still had their original $90 tag on them. She was stoked.

So yeah, it's kind of ghetto but I love me some warehouse stores.

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