Better late than never

I meant to post about this, oh, two months ago but I kept missing the chance to take a photo of it in the daylight. And then the holidays and such happened.

I've been lucky enough to win two things online. The first thing was this fancy Breville grill from Citymama. And the second thing was this cute picture drawn by Natalie's sister.

Isn't it cute? I got to specify a theme and I suggested balloons which E loves and this is what Natalie's sister came up with. I'm going to hang it up in E's room.

The style reminds me a lot of Exploding Dog, a site that N and I used to look at when we were dating (coincidentally, Exploding Dog turns ten this year which makes me feel old). Anyway, at Exploding Dog people submit captions and then Sam draws pictures interpreting the captions. It may not seem that special now but back in the day it was pretty cool.