Click! Click! Click!

Except for E having a nasty cold and the miscarriage, our Christmas was very nice. N. received an unexpected Christmas bonus and generously used it to spoil me which was very sweet of him.

On Christmas morning I was shocked to unwrap this amazing camera lens. It's the 35mm f/1.4 L series lens which means that it's great for closer shots, excels in low light situations, and is basically professional grade. There's a Flickr group devoted to it if you want to see what type of shots it can take.
I was also thrilled to unwrap these: Adobe's Web Premium creative suite and Adobe Premiere.

And no, we're not crazy posh. While the web suite is super pricey, N didn't pay near full price. We're fortunate to have a member of the family who works for an Adobe company and he has a small number of software licenses he can purchase at a steep discount. He was kind enough to donate some of his licenses and help N get these for me (Thanks, J!).

I took a couple classes in college in Photoshop and Illustrator and really enjoyed working with them. I don't really have much formal training in it but I like graphic design in addition to photography so I'm excited to be able to muck around with this software.

Hopefully these gifts will help me kick my photography up a notch in 2010.