Letter: Month Twenty-Six

Dear E,

December was an eventful month. Your eimo had a baby boy and so you gained another cousin. While you adore your big boy cousins A and J and follow them around like a little puppy you haven't been too impressed with baby P yet. While we were visiting Jan's house over the holidays I took a turn holding baby P and we called you over to take a look at him. You leaned in real close to P's sleeping little face and everyone thought you were going to plant a kiss on him but instead you took a big breath and yelled "Wake up!" Helpful as always!

Over Christmas you came down with one of the worst colds you've had in a long time. You were a pretty pitiful sight; coughing and whining about everything and nothing in particular. The only thing you wanted to do was sit on our laps and cuddle and watch NickJr. It was pretty hard to deal with but at the same time I relished the chance to hold you close; you're not usually one for cuddling.

Despite being sick you really enjoyed Christmas. The concept of presents finally clicked with you and you were so excited to see the presents stacked by the tree. On Christmas morning you giddily took turns handing us our presents and opening your own. And now whenever you see a wrapped gift you're fascinated and ask if it's for you by asking "present? present?"

But December had its downside too. Your dad and I have been thinking about adding to our family for a while now and around Christmas I ended up having an early pregnancy loss. It was sad and disappointing but it motivated me to make some positive changes in my life and so hopefully I'm utilizing the situation for personal growth.

You know, you're the reason I can see us having more children. You taught us (and continue to teach us) how to be parents. Before you were born I had known that I wanted to be a mother but I didn't know how fulfilling it would be. While you sometimes have your trying moments (you are two after all!) having you here fills our house with more joy and laughter than it's ever held before.