Perspective on the coming year

Happy New Year! It was nice to take a little break from the blog and just focus on spending time with family, playing with Christmas presents, and just generally loafing around the house. But I really missed posting and I'm glad to back.

I know it's trite and probably more than a little naive, but I'm full of enthusiasm for the coming year. While 2009 was a sucky year for a lot of the world, we were pretty fortunate. Despite the recession N and I both kept our jobs and we also got to spend a lot of time with E and watch him grow from a baby into a little boy, which was and continues to be a blast.

We decided that it was time to work on adding another child to our family and so we started pursuing adoption while also being open to getting pregnant. Adoption has always been part of our plan for creating our family; both of us have siblings who were adopted from Korea and we feel that we would be able to offer a lot to a baby relinquished for adoption.

Our plan is to simultaneously persue pregnancy and adoption and see which route we make more progress on. If we're not pregnant once we reach a certain point in the adoption process we'll go on birth control and focus on adoption. If we get pregnant in the next few months we'll still proceed with the adoption but with a more delayed timeline so baby #2 will be over a year when we adopt.

I have no idea if we'll be able to have a successful pregnancy. It took us a few years to have E and so who knows. The week after Christmas I was surprised to find out I was pregnant but unfortunately I had a very early miscarriage, my first. So we shall see. I was disappointed but am now using it as motivation for self-improvement.

In the few days between finding out I was pregnant and finding out it wasn't viable I felt 1) cautious but crazy excitement and 2) disappointed that I hadn't lost some weight and/or set up my home office and got to use it before we had another baby and it takes over the room (I know, they're kind of lame bourgeois regrets but whatever.) But now that I'm no longer pregnant I'm viewing this as a opportune time to get into better shape and organize my house. I figure it's better than moping around at home and eating nothing but chocolate chip cookies and milk for days and days (which I also considered).

So now I'm heading out to hit the gym.

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