Have you seen these?

These photos by photographer Kim Kyung Soon for the October 2007 issue of Korean Vogue have been popping up on several blogs lately (found via Design Mom.) I think they're great.

The models are dressed in hanbok, traditional Korean dresses. I have a few pictures of me in hanbok (that sadly don't look anything like this). But if I can find them I'll scan and post them sometime.

Usually hanbok are more brightly colored (older women wear more muted colors) but I love the soft colors and stillness of these photos. Looking at them makes my eyes happy.

I found some large images of these over at Simple Blueprint

The other thing floating around the ol' internets I wanted to share was this video by OK Go. I know a lot of you have probably already seen it but I'm posting it just in case you haven't and because it's a happy Friday-type-of-thing.

Have a great weekend!

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