Letter: Month Twenty-Eight

Dear E,

During this last month we went on a trip to Washington to visit family. I was pretty nervous about flying there alone with you but you behaved yourself remarkably. I thought you might freak out but you pretty much handled everything in stride except for some understandable separation anxiety at times.

You loved staying at my parents' house. Unprompted by anyone you've started calling them "Meemaw" and "Peepaw" and basically have both of them wrapped around your little finger. My dad, who is not well known for his affinity with small children, even volunteered to watch you for a couple of hours so I could go to the spa with my mom. I was a little nervous about leaving you but you had a great time going to the playground, eating lunch together, and taking the car to get washed with Peepaw.

Speaking of car washes, they are your very favorite thing right now. You went through the one with Peepaw and then we got a free car wash when we picked up our car from the airport which pretty much cemented them in your mind as the coolest thing ever.

Ever since we returned home one of the first things you do after you wake is to hopefully request "Car wash? Car wash?" Even after I explain that we aren't going to one today you continue on, "Car wash fun! Car wash fun!...car wash!" It cracks me up, enough so that last week I gave in and took my very slightly dusty car through the car wash even though it was obvious that it was going to rain soon. (Yes, sometimes I can be a total sucker for your cuteness.)

I'm so glad we went and visited family last month. February can be a dreary month and it was nice to get away and see you in a different environment. Your resilience and the aplomb with which you handled most situations were great to see. You seemed to grow older right before my eyes.

It was wonderful to see you enjoy being with your grandparents, uncle and aunt, and cousins. Even though you may not see them that often, there are a lot of people out there who love you.