Oh, the food, the glorious food! (part 1)

N and I like Korean food and usually eat it at least once every couple weeks or so. We would eat it more often but I only know how to make a handful of dishes. But I have ambitions of becoming better at cooking Korean food, especially because most dishes don't contain things that E is allergic too.

Anyway, any visit to my parents' house is guaranteed to feature some delicious Korean food since my mom is a great cook and we also usually grab a bite to eat in Koreatown at least once or twice.

(I can't remember the Korean name): Buckwheat noodles in fish broth topped with egg, sesame spinach, dried seaweed, and kimchi.

Ojinguh: squid served with spicy dipping sauce (not pictured).
This is one of my favorite Korean snacks and has been since I was a kid.
(Don't knock it until you've tried it!)

Ddukbokki: spicy pressed rice cakes with fish cakes

And the spread at the Korean BBQ place Honey Pig in Tacoma.
(I really like this place. It's the only BBQ place I've been to that serves you rounds of pickled daikon and chewy wonton wrappers to wrap your meat up in. The crunchy+chewy texture is delicious and addictive--yum!)

*Sigh*...looking at these pictures is really not helping with my Korean-food withdrawal.

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