Easter Weekend

This weekend was nice and low-key. My church held its general conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was nice to listen to the inspired words of our prophet and other leaders. Here in Utah where there are so many Mormons the conference is broadcast on local tv so you can watch from the comfort of your couch. It was a great time to reflect on my life and my relationship with the Savior.

I actually got to attend a conference session in person: not something I do that often. I went with my mom who is in town visiting my sister Jan. There were a few small hiccups: we sat next to a distracting couple who were smooching and whispering loudly through the whole conference, I had to leave my camera at the package check and then it took almost an hour to get it back after conference (the line was huge and then it took them 20 minutes to find it during which I was freaking out that it had been lost), and then we accidentally got on the wrong TRAX train on the way home. But it was fun to hang out with my mom and to be there in person to feel the spirit of the conference.

On Easter we gave E a basket with treats and his very first Slinky. (Predictably, he has been mesmerized by it/shown great talent at tangling it up.) And sometime this weekend between sessions of conference and eating Easter treats N showed me this video.

You're welcome, people. YOU ARE WELCOME.

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