Epic Parenting FAIL

On Saturday night N and I went out with our friends Kristin and Ryan to dinner and to see Kick A**. I wanted to see it because I like kung fu movies, super heroes, nerdy kids, and 11 year-old girls swearing like sailors (just kidding!). But seriously, I read the reviews beforehand so I knew what type of movie I was going to go see. The movie was for the most part well-made and I liked it but it's definitely not a kids' movie. I think 16 is probably even too young in most cases. It's not even a movie for squeamish adults.

Which was why I did a double take when I walked in the theater and saw a family sitting down with their approximately 9 year-old son. And then when the movie was over a mom walked passed us with her 6 year-old daughter! Who DOES THAT? Either the parents were totally clueless about what the movie was going to be like (in which case they should have walked out when the realized their mistake) or they they were simply too lazy to arrange babysitting. Way to traumatize your kids!

I try not to be judgmental regarding other parents (I have plenty of weaknesses of my own) but parents taking their kids to see age-inappropriate movies is a huge pet peeve of mine. Once they're at a movie kids are a captive audience and it's part of your job as a parent to make sure what they're watching isn't going to freak them out or damage them.

Epic parenting FAIL!

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