Sometimes it's hard

E came down with a stomach bug over the weekend which I also caught. I'm better now but E still has a low fever and a cough. He's been spending a lot of time draping himself over the couch and/or bursting into tears.

My stomach still isn't back to 100% and I have been eating very much but for some reason this morning a fried egg (with a deliciously runny yolk) over rice sounded good to me. So I fried up an egg on the stove.

E loves helping to cook and dragged a chair over to the stove to watch. While I let him sprinkle some salt and pepper on the egg I reminded him that "This egg is for Mama; E can't eat eggs because they will make him sick." He's usually pretty good about listening when we tell him that certain foods will make him sick and doesn't insist on eating them.

But today, for whatever reason, he really wanted to try the egg. I gave him a few bites of rice but he kept pointing to the egg and saying "try it!" He had a full-blown sobbing meltdown and I ended up scraping my food into the trash because I felt horrible for eating it in front of him. And then I felt like crying.

I know that his food allergies are a minor thing as health issues go but I really wish he could eat eggs, drink milk, and have a peanut butter sandwich like a normal kid.

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