Letter: Month Thirty

Dear E,

I know that this last month was hard at times (we both came down with a nasty stomach bug and it took you a good two weeks to fully recover) but as I type this the moments first and foremost in my mind are the good ones.

This Mother's Day was the first that you were involved in. You and your dad picked out some lovely peach roses at Costco and you presented them to me with a big smile and a "Happy Mother's Day!" And then later that day you kept wishing me a "Happy birthday!" which was also nice.

Your teachers at preschool helped you make a little set of flowers by tracing your hand print and stuck them in a little flowerpot with your name on it. I'm usually not very sentimental and I know you basically had nothing to do with making them but I surprised myself by tearing up a little when you gave it to me. I think I'll keep it forever.

Speaking of preschool, you really love it now. For a while you would whimper a bit when I dropped you off (but quickly cheer up). But now you LOVE it. As soon as I help you down from the car you run into your classroom and start playing. And most mornings after you wake up you ask "ride in the car? Preschool?" It makes me happy to see you enjoy playing with other kids.

You've gotten really into music lately. Your dad and I love music (your dad especially) and we usually have it playing. You have a hodgepodge set of toy instruments that you like to play: drums, a tambourine, a guitar, a recorder, an accordion, and a xylophone. One of your favorite things to do is to pass out instruments to me and your dad, tell us we're "in a band" and then count us off "one, two, three, one, two, three" at which we all start playing like mad. It's a lot of fun.