Thank you, Wonder Pets

We have a low ledge along a wall behind one of our couches. E loves to climb over the couch and inch his way along the ledge and climb all over the couch in general. I'm pretty low key and don't care about it since our couches aren't anything special and he isn't likely to hurt himself.

But sometimes he does gets stuck.

This morning E was attempting to slide off the couch and under a table we have next to it (which he knows is NOT allowed) and he got stuck. He looks over at me and says, "I'll help you, Mom!"

I ask him if he meant to say, "Help me, please" and he agrees and says it with a smile.

I pull him out and plop him on the couch and then he says, "Thanks, Ma! Good teamwork!"

It cracked me up and almost made up for the hours of my life I've spent listening to Linnie, Tuck, and Ming Ming too--almost.

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