Home Sweet Home

Last week N and I decided on the spur of the moment to take E and drive up to southwest Oregon to visit N's sister Gwyn and her family over the weekend. The drive was about 13 1/2 hours each way but E was for the most part a trooper in the car.

On the drive up we stopped by the salt flats, one of my favorite places ever. I know it's a bit weird but I think they're so cool looking and have been wanting to stop and walk out on them forever. It was fun, especially when E tried to taste the salt.

Visiting Gwyn and her family was great. E had a blast running around with his cousins and was (mostly) well behaved. (The most notable exception to this statement occurred when E threw a huge screaming tantrum while we were placing our order at a fancy burger joint. And just to make sure he was making his point clear he threw in a couple of smacks aimed at N's face. Yeah, the dirty looks from the other patrons were plentiful and pointed.)

It was a great visit but it's nice to be back. I wish we had an extra day to just kick around but we have to jump right back into things. I have a lot of work (and laundry!) to catch up on now but I'll get more photos from our trip up soon.

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