Weekend Report

This weekend had it ups and downs. For some reason E wasn't sleeping well and had an uncharacteristically high number of meltdowns. I think it his seasonal allergies might be bothering him a lot right now or maybe he's fighting off a bug. I guess he could be acting out just because he's two and a half but for the sake of my sanity I prefer to believe that it's something that can be overcome with Zyrtec or a couple days of rest rather than waiting months for him to grow out of it.

We did make it to the art sale and I bought this piece by my friend Linnie. This photo doesn't really do it justice--it's huge (3 ft. by 3 ft.) and the colors and texture in it are fantastic.

I bought it as sort of an investment--not as in I hope Linnie becomes crazy famous and I can sell it for $$$ later (although, now that I think of it that's not a bad idea, Linnie!) but more of an investment for a future house. Our current place doesn't have a good place to hang it but I think it will look great over a sofa or console table. But I really liked it and the price was right so it came home with us.

After the art sale we realized that we were just a few blocks away from what is probably the best Mexican restaurant in the state and so we stopped by for a delicious lunch. And then we went home and did chores until it was time to meet some friends for dinner.

Sunday was a little rougher. E (understandably) has a hard time sitting still at church and I'm developing fears that he's becoming "the problem kid" in nursery. He just likes to run around a lot. Every week he comes home with a blank coloring page with his name written on it because he doesn't sit still to color. Yesterday N picked him up from nursery so I didn't hear about it first hand but I guess E took a header off a chair--oops.

After a busy weekend I'm really looking forward keeping it low-key today. A mountain of laundry has never seemed so relaxing!