4th of July Recap

We had a nice low-key 4th of July weekend. On Saturday we took E to In-and-Out for lunch and then stopped by a local splash park. E had fun running around but after a while the wind picked up and he started shivering like crazy so we left.

Around here most of the fireworks displays were scheduled for Saturday night and one of the bigger displays was just across the freeway from us so at 9:45 pm we woke E up, strapped him in his stroller, and walked down the block to a park where we had a great view. E was enthralled and kept excitedly shouting out the colors of the fireworks. At one point he cupped his hand around his ear and when we asked him what he was doing he informed us he was "listening for the boom."

N had the day off yesterday so we took E up to the NPS store to browse around and then came home and took naps. In the evening E's babysitter came over and N and I drove to Salt Lake and had dinner at The Copper Onion (which was very tasty) and watched Exit Through the Gift Shop (which was excellent).

And now back to the daily grind.