Another Concert in the Park

Last night N and I went to another concert in Pioneer Park. We saw E's favorite band, The New Pornographers. (Seriously, we listen to their latest record Together at least four times a week in the car at his request.)

The band's name can be a bit unsettling but Wikipedia says the A.C. Newman came up with it after watching a Japanese film called The Pornographers. But other people thought the name was a reference to Jimmy Swaggart's reputed claim that rock and roll was "the new pornography."

But despite their name their music is pretty kid-friendly pop rock. There were a bunch of kids at the concert bopping around. It made me wish we could have brought E but I think he's still a few years too young. It was a great show; they're consummate professionals and excellent at performing live.

Sadly, E woke up today feeling a little under the weather. He has a mild fever so I'm keeping him home from preschool so right now he's convalescing on the couch while wearing a sparkly green party hat he found in his toy box--cutest sick person ever.

(And yes, I know his haircut is a hot mess.)

Hopefully E will be feeling better later today--N's company is having their summer party tonight and I kind of want to stop by Old Navy because their layering camis are $2 until Saturday. Not really sure how much I need some but 2! dollars! (I am a total sucker.)

We have kind of a busy weekend planned--we're going to a bon voyage BBQ tomorrow for a friend who is leaving to do humanitarian work in Indonesia for a month and then we're getting together with two of my college roommates. If E's feeling better tomorrow night we might try and catch a movie and dinner. And if there's any time left over there are a few shows to catch up on off our DVR (new season of Project Runway!)

I hope you have a great weekend!

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