Anxiety Dream

I can be kind of a worrier sometimes. I'm really looking forward to our trip to Korea this fall but I think my subconscious is already worrying about it. Right before I woke up this morning I had an dream that E, N, and I were on the plane to Korea when things started to go wrong.

In my dream I was sitting next to E when this hugely fat man who was seated in front of E started to recline his seat back. Except that the seat didn't stop reclining--it kept going back and back until it was smashing poor E into his own seat. He was crying and freaked out and I asked the man to raise his seat up but he ignored me so then I got a flight attendant and she made him put his seat back up. It felt as though E had been saved from certain death.

I then wanted to turn on our travel DVD player so E could watch a show and relax but then realized that I had forgotten 1) the DVD player 2) E's headphones and 3) E's car seat. I turned to N and started to bemoan my oversight with the panic rising in my chest because we still had 13 hours of the flight to go and how was E (and consequently I) going to make it without being able watch to a show?

Fortunately I then realized it was a dream in the back of my mind and woke myself up. Blarg.

At least now I'm sure I won't forget our DVD player. I know I'll forget something but at least not the DVD player.