The Complete Book of Greek Cooking

I bought some falafel at Costco earlier this week and so I pulled out my copy of The Complete book of Greek Cooking by Rena Salaman and Jan Cutler to make some accompaniments.

It's a decent introduction to Greek cooking complete with a nice explanatory section at the beginning that covers regional difference and common ingredients. However, the hummus recipe I made from it didn't turn out very well which was a disappointment.

Unlike other hummus recipes I found online the recipe in the book didn't call for adding any extra liquid like water or olive oil. As a result it was very dry and crumbly until I added some extra virgin olive oil. The flavor was good however.

The Verdict
3 (out of 5 stars) I don't want to judge the entire book on the basis of its dry hummus recipe: the book covers a wide range of entrees, soups, and salads that look really good. Every recipe comes with several photos of the dish and nutritional info in included which is nice.

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