Down and Out

Last night was somewhat eventful around here in a minor injury/illness way. E woke up from his nap feeling feverish and out of sorts. He didn't want dinner but we offered him a banana which he took a few bites of and a little juice.

I was standing in the kitchen chatting with N while he did the dishes when I heard a suspicious-sounding cough from the family room where E was watching Wonder Pets. I peeked down the stairs just in time to see him lean against the couch and puke all over it. I ran down the stairs to help him but kind of forgot about that pesky bottom step and launched myself gracefully into the air where I landed flat on my face and on my left shoulder and elbow.

N ran downstairs too (notably more successfully than I did) and helped E while I rolled around on the floor groaning melodramatically for a minute. After I collected myself we gave E a bath and washed the couch's cushion covers.

E went to bed okay but was up from about 3 to 4:30 in the morning. He was super thirsty and wanted something to drink but it didn't stay down. So I gave up trying to keep him in his room and plopped him down in front of the tv so I could clean up the puke on his floor with him out of the way. Fortunately after everything was cleaned up he went right back to bed.

So that's where we are this morning. My shoulder is pretty jacked up--I can't really lift my arm above my head--and I'm sporting an awesome scraped elbow which hurts more than I remember them hurting when I was eleven.

E obviously can't go to preschool this morning which means that I can't go into the office like I was planning. So today we'll be rocking it at home in our pajamas and I'll try and get some work done when he naps *crosses fingers*.

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