Letter: Month Thirty-Two

Dear E,

You're growing so quickly. Every day you seem more like a little boy and less like a baby. You continue to love music but now express your own preferences. Lately you really like upbeat power-pop with strong bass lines or drums. Whenever I play Together, the latest CD by the New Pornographers, in the car you flip out and start wildly drumming your hands on the sides of your car seat and shaking your head from side to side.

You've started singing along with songs that you know. Actually, you'll sing along with a song even if you don't know it and it's the first time you're hearing it (I think you inherited that particular talent that from me). You also still love to dance and have started following along with the routines you see on Yo Gabba Gabba which is pretty cute to see.

You've really gotten into pretending lately. You'll pretend you're a dinosaur, a baker making a cake, a kitten, or a train conductor. It is so fun to see the world again fresh through your eyes and to have an excuse to be silly and pretend to be a monster and chase you around the house as you shriek gleefully.

Your cousins from Oregon came to visit this last month. You had a blast playing with them and at night when we say prayers you are sure to include "Eve, Nelanor, and Sammy." I think it was during their visit that you picked up the habit of calling your father "Dad" instead of "Daddy." It makes you seem suddenly so much older.

I know it's a small thing and likely to change soon and that I shouldn't really care but I'm secretly glad you still call me "Mama."