Photo Class Homework

I'm taking a two-week photography class from the very talented Bryan Niven (portfolio and blog). Since it's through the local community ed program it's pretty casual. Last week only three other students showed up to class. I felt a little out of place since they were all easily over 60 but I enjoyed the lecture.

We were supposed to come up with three different concepts for our homework. Last night the girls in our church youth group went to the Thanksgiving Point gardens and I bought my camera along so I could do my homework.

I need to narrow these pictures down to three: the first one is my favorite but I'm not sure about what other two to use. I'd love any input. What do you think?


Leading lines

Selective focus

FramingRule of thirds

Leading lines? (I didn't know those girls, they were just there being picturesque. Utah is completely over run by little blond girls in frilly skirts.)

So how about you? Which ones would you turn in?