Going on a Train Ride

I've had a vague urge to cram in some fun outings for E before the weather turns cold and we're stuck inside for months. Hence visiting the state fair two weeks ago and taking a ride on the Heber Valley Railroad this last Saturday.

We went on the 90-minute ride and E loved it. It was a lot more crowded than last time we went and we couldn't get seats in the open car. So we sat in one of the restored cars and E had a blast craning his head out the window like a dog in a pickup truck. (We insisted on keeping a firm grip on his pants which annoyed him to no end.)

The whole outing was a bit of a production (it takes almost an hour to drive up the canyon to the train station and then home again) but it was fun. I don't know if we'll go again next year since since you have to buy 3 year-olds their own tickets and the cost adds up quickly.

N and I haven't been out on a date in a while so that evening we got a sitter and went to dinner and to see The Town. I was pretty wiped out from our train adventure and was worried I'd fall asleep during the movie but once it started I forgot how tired I was. It was well-paced and in general the cast was very good.

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