IT'S A...


And we are thrilled.

Everything looked healthy and it was great to see her wiggle around and stretch. I'm not sure how they measure it but she's supposedly 1 lb already and her arms, legs, spine, brain, heart, etc... all look great. It was fascinating to see the four chambers of her heart pump away; you could even see the valves opening and closing.

Beforehand I didn't think that I had a feeling either way but I found myself still being surprised. We are really thrilled though--possibly even as much as my sister Jan. She has three boys (10, 8, and 9 months) and is so excited to have a little niece close by to dote on.

At the ultrasound they did notice that I have marginal placenta previa. The placenta's lying low and partially covering my cervix so in 8 more weeks I need to have another ultrasound to look at it. My doctor said it might move up and out of way but if it doesn't then I'll need to have a c-section for sure. E was a c-section and his went really well so I'm okay with whatever needs to happen happening.

But names, man I'm stumped on names. We had two that we really like if she was a boy but the field for girl names is so wide open. I have a few that I like but I'm quite relieved that we still have four more months to decide.

So how about it, any name suggestions?