Mystery Solved

Today's our last full day in Korea. We're going to try and squeeze in one last expedition out this morning and then come back to my in-laws' house so we can put E down for a nap and I can put my Tetris skillz to good use and cram significantly more into our suitcases than they held on the trip over. (Wish me luck.) And in a weird bit of time-traveling after spending 16+ hours in transit we'll arrive in Salt Lake a whole 5 minutes before we left Pusan, local time-wise.

I feel badly that posting was mostly nonexistent for most of this trip--I really should have brought a card reader with me so I could have posted photos. But on the plus side I have a ton of stuff to post about next week and even a small giveaway of a few things I picked up in Korea so check back next week.

In the mean time I saw this great article in the NY Times. It's a feature about the family who lives in the pyramid at the top of Seattle's Smith Tower. I've always wondered what it was like inside the top of the building every time I've driven past it. It turns out it's awesome.

See you next week!

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