One Year Older?

We made it! After an epic journey consisting of two international flights (Salt Lake to Tokyo and then Tokyo to Pusan) we arrived in Korea. For the most part E did pretty well. There were a few hours in the middle of the SLC to Tokyo flight where he kind of lost it because he was exhausted but couldn't fall asleep. But for the most part he held it together remarkably well. And then he slept from Tokyo to Pusan.

The funny thing about our flight over here is that my 30th birthday kind of got swallowed up by the international dateline. We left the U.S. on the morning of my birthday but it was late at night the next day when we arrived in Korea. So...maybe I'm still technically 29? (Just kidding...I actually have no problem with being 30.) I feel remarkably blessed in my life and I'm looking forward to my thirties.

We crammed in a quick birthday celebration before we left. I made a dairy-free chocolate pie which went over well (E couldn't wait until we got back from Vegas so he had a few slices early).

This is one of the richest dairy-free desserts I've had (Thanks to my friend Jenn for recommending it) and I definitely think it's worth trying if you have dairy-limitations. The idea of using tofu can be kind of off-putting but I added some orange extract and it tasted like a chocolate orange--yum!

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