Photographic Evidence

So...I still haven't found a card reader that will let me download photos from my camera but I have a few pictures N took on his phone.

The first morning we were here E excitedly tore around the house exploring and chasing his cousin Dylan and ran smack into the corner of a table which left the lovely mark you can see on his cheek. It's healed over now but for a few days everywhere we went concerned ajummas would worriedly point it out to us in case we hadn't noticed it before. You know, because they're helpful like that.

These photos were from the Jagalchi fish market which is always an amazing place to wander--so amazing in fact that when my camera was acting up and refusing to work the first time we visited I wheedled N into stopping by yesterday so I could take some photos myself.

It's about 10am here and we're getting ready for a car expedition to one of the local Buddhist temples. I love meandering around temple grounds and snapping photos of E so it should be fun.

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