At Long Last

So this is the phone I've been using for the past three or so years:

Yeah, she's a stunner, isn't she? Years ago when my previous phone died before my contract would pay for a new phone I went to Target and bought this $15 phone and put my sim card in it. It worked fine to make calls but I kind of wanted something with a bit more to offer. But I couldn't really justify buying a new phone when I already had a working phone so I set of goal that I would get a smart phone when I lost 20 lbs.

I got pretty close to my goal but never quite reached it. And after a while I kind of got attached to my ghetto phone. It survived being dropped several times and even came back to life after a soda exploded in my bag and soaked it. It was the trusty little ugly phone that could.

But after a while decided to focus again on losing weight. Just as I was getting serious again and looking forward to getting a new phone I got pregnant. I knew that it would be well near impossible/unhealthy to try and lose a significant amount of weight while pregnant so I changed my goal to exercising at least twice a week for 45 minutes until we went to Korea.

And I did it! It was hard at times but I stuck with it. After we got back from Korea things were so busy and I was paralyzed with indecision (seriously, the number of options is insane!) so I put off phone shopping. But this weekend I finally finished waffling over different carriers and phones and got a brand spanking new smart phone. And it is awesome (in no small part because I feel good about meeting my goal).

(On an unrelated note, this guy got a bit jealous of me taking pictures of my old phone this morning and insisted that I take his photo. So here is E enjoying his breakfast.)