Letting go a little

I think I've mentioned before how easily I get sucked into "the idea" of things. I get a picture in my head and then inevitably feel disappointed when things don't work out as well. This habit has only gotten worse since I had E because while I see so many opportunities for Magical! Childhood! Moments!, E is not always predictable or more accommodating than you would expect from a three year-old.

After seeing Santa at our church Christmas party was a big hit I thought I'd try and take E to the mall today to see Santa again and take a photo. I had a vague goal of getting to the mall around 10am but by the time we actually there it was already noon. And the line for Santa was a hour long.

I actually stood in line with E for a little bit and while he was good he started to get antsy after about 10 minutes. I did a bit of soul searching ("But we're already here and he's dressed in a cute outfit that will coordinate perfectly with Santa's suit!" vs. "There's NO WAY he and I are going to be able to stand in this line for an hour--it will get ugly.") and then we got out of line and I took E to have a ride on the little train that chugs around the mall instead.

He loved it. And then we left the mall, went grocery shopping and came home--the end.

So, while we didn't get an overpriced photo with Santa this year I think I might finally be learning to let go a little and sincerely put E's interest ahead of the craving I feel to create and document Magical! Childhood! Moments!

(I also learned that if I want to do Santa photos next year I'm going to take the kids in November.)

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