A bit too much

Thanks for the feedback on the room! It's fun to share my progress. Over the weekend I worked on cleaning out what we call "the junk room" (a.k.a. what will eventually be the baby's room) and think I might have overdone it a bit because I'm rather sore today. Bending over at the waist doesn't really work well for me right now so I was doing a lot of squatting to pick things up off the floor and my hips are killing me today. N kept telling me to take it easy but the nesting instinct is a harsh task mistress!

I'm off to go run some errands and then work some more around the house. But first I wanted to share this. This Pulp album has been around for a long time but N just recently bought it and and I've been listening to it a lot lately. I have a soft spot for sexiness that's a little bit silly and this video is spot on.

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