Letter: Month Thirty-Eight

Dear E,

If you're reading these through in order you've probably noticed that last month's letter is missing. What can I say? It seems as though the weeks are flying by and it's only by making a big effort that this month's letter is getting written (and it's a couple of weeks late at that).

Things have been pretty hectic around here with us getting things ready for the baby. For a while when we were shuffling furniture and stuff around from room to room you were a little freaked out. But you also wanted to help which was very sweet.

This month saw your first sign of sibling jealousy. You're still sleeping in the crib I made and since you don't climb out, you still take a two-hour nap, and you play quietly in there before naps and falling asleep I decided not to mess with a good thing right when the baby comes and just leave you in there for now. So for the first couple of months the baby will sleep in our pack and play and then we'll get you a twin bed and put the baby in the crib. We got out the pack and play to set it up in the baby's room you pointed to it and declared it "E's little bed!" When we told you that baby sister was going to sleep in it you fussed and shouted "Mine! My bed!" And then I have a flash of what the next several years and then some are going to be like.

Lately you've been really into rocket ships and robots. Around Christmas they showed WALL-E on tv and we recorded it on our DVR. You LOVE it and would watch it several times a day if we let you. You like to pretend you're a robot (and that your dad and I are robots) and run around the house making robot noises and acting like you're blasting into space. Pretty cute stuff.

Even though you still sleep like a champ you've started stalling when it comes to bed time and other things you're not excited about. If we tell you it's going to be time for bed in 5 minutes you without fail ask "How about soon?...How about not right now?...How about just kidding!"

You are a great little guy to have around. I know that in a couple of weeks the new baby is going to need a lot of my attention but I'm hoping that you'll adjust without too much trauma. Fortunately you and your dad are great pals and have a lot of fun together in the evenings and on the weekends which I think will help you adjust to the baby. Watching the two of you together makes me feel very blessed.