Master Bedroom

We've lived in our house since 2004 and up until last month our bedroom was an embarrassment. It had turned into a de facto dumping ground for worn out clothes, random toys of E's, and piles of paperwork waiting to be filed/shredded. We didn't even have anything on the walls. I had framed some collages by Bob Pollard that N collects and some posters but they had been leaning against the wall waiting to be hung for years.

And while I had hung up some curtains I hadn't hemmed them and they puddled messily on the floor collecting dust. Overall, it was not a relaxing room to spend time in and I hated the idea of other people seeing it.

But no more! We're planning on keeping the baby in our room for the first little while and so I was motivated to organize and declutter. I shredded boxes of old papers. I hemmed the curtains to get them off the floor. I got a second bookcase to get piles of books off the floor and onto shelves. And then I hung up our art for good measure.

(I made the Chinese-style lattice headboard in woodworking class about 5 years ago.)

These photos were taken at different times of day which is why the wall color looks so different. There are still several things I'd like to do to really finish our room; after I hung up our prints I realized that they had a gray/yellow theme going on which I'd like to carry over to the whole room. I'd like to paint the walls a soft gray, get some some coordinating bedding (maybe something like this), replace the outdated ceiling fan with a fun chandelier, etc... all which will have to wait until this summer at the earliest.

But at least now I like walking into the room. It makes me feel like a normal person instead of someone with a mild hoarding problem :) And with the curtains hemmed and all the junk off the floor the room seems half again as large which is great.

Now on to the baby's room!

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