Sundance Film Fest 2011: Part One

The past few years N and I have bought locals' ticket packages for Sundance. It's always been a lot of fun: after the craziness of the holidays and in the middle of the January doldrums it's great to play hooky from real life and go see some great movies. We usually go see about six movies but with the baby coming so soon this year we just bought tickets to three. It was really nice to go out on a last few dates before she arrives.

On Friday night we ate some delicious Middle Eastern food at Maza and then walked over to the Tower Theater and watched the Korean revenge thriller I Saw the Devil by Kim Ji-woon.

(Yum...tasty, tasty revenge)

I've seen several Korean thrillers: Kim Ji-Woon's A Tale of Two Sisters, Park Chan-Wook's Vengeance trilogy (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Old Boy, Lady Vengeance), Memories of Murder, The Host, Mother, etc... and I think that I Saw The Devil is one of the most disturbing. I actually found myself covering my eyes at times which I normally don't do. It's very violent and definitely not for everyone (or probably even most) but I thought it was pretty good.

The director Kim Ji-woon and one of the film's stars, the very cute Byung-Hun Lee, attended the screening and introduced the film but unfortunately didn't stick around for a Q&A. You can read N's more detailed review here.

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