Letter to Mimi: Month One

Dear Mimi,

It's only been a month since we met you but it feels like you've always been part of our family. You are such a sweet baby--basically you only fuss if you're hungry or gassy (both things make me cranky too). Other than that you spend your time either sleeping or staring raptly at light sources.

Speaking of sleeping, you sleep like a champ for which I am profoundly grateful. After a week or two you settled into a routine of going to bed after I feed you around 11 pm, waking up to have a bottle with your dad around 1 am, and then going back to sleep until around 6 am. Lately you've been waking up closer to 7 which means that I'm able to get more sleep that any mother of a newborn has a right to expect. It makes a HUGE difference in my day. I know that there will be rough patches as you grow, but if you keep this up I will totally buy you a pony.

It might be because of your size (you're almost ready to bust out of your three-month size clothes) or it might be because we're not brand new parents this time around but you already seem older than a month--you already don't seem like a fragile tiny newborn you seem like a full-on baby.

This time around I know how quickly these first few months pass and so I'm really trying to appreciate them. Sometimes after I feed you at night or early in the morning I hold you against my shoulder and lean my cheek against your fuzzy head and rock with you long after you've already burped. Part of me just wants to crawl back into bed but a bigger part of me just wants to hold you close and marvel that you're here and that you're mine.