Easy Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Brownies

I lost my pregnancy weight from Mimi (37 pounds) much quicker than I did with E. One thing that helped was having a giant baby that was almost a third of the weight and the rest I chalk up to not eating dairy, eggs, peanuts, or nuts since Mimi was born.

E is allergic to all of those things and his allergist said that it might help Mimi avoid having similar food allergies if I eliminate E's allergens from my diet while I'm nursing her. It might not have any effect but if there's anything I can do to help Mimi avoid food allergies I'm going to do it.

I'd like to lose another 30-40 lbs which is the weight I gained the first couple of years after I got married. But my weight loss has stalled out a bit these last few weeks, mainly because E and I have been making a batch of these brownies at least once a week. Many thanks to my friend and neighbor Jenn for sharing this recipe with me.

Recipe: Adapted Duncan Hines Brownies
(If you have food allergies please check the brownie mix ingredients carefully and make your own decision about using this recipe. E is fine with this recipe, but I can't be responsible for any adverse reactions you may have!)

That's it--dangerously easy! These brownies are pretty good (i.e. they taste like normal brownies, not like a consolation prize) and they never last very long around our house.

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