Letter to E: Month Forty

Dear E,

This last month it seemed like you took giant bounding steps towards boyhood. It's not just that you seem so big compared to your new little sister, although you do. You just seem more like a kid rather than a toddler.

This month the concept of needing money to buy things (toys!) crystallized in your mind. We were at the drug store getting some cough medicine for you and you and your dad were browsing the toy aisle and you saw a toy gun called The Popzooka that shot little foam balls. And you wanted it SO much. We told you we weren't going to get it and you cried about it a bit. We explained that we didn't have money to spend on a Popzooka. So the next day you went into my bag and pulled out some dollars and brought them to us and explained that now we could buy the Popzooka. (Sigh, and so it begins.)

Another big kid thing you've learned recently is how to say Not Nice Things. The other night we all went to Chick-fil-A and you didn't want to stay with us while we ordered; you wanted to run right into the playroom. I was holding onto your hand to keep you from pulling away and you turned to me, scowling, and said "Stupid Mama!" I was shocked.

Your dad immediately hauled you away to have a discussion while I stood in line and by the time I joined you guys you sweetly apologized. You tried it again a day or two later (This time it was "Stupid Daddy" so at least you're an equal opportunity offender) but after another immediate time out you seemed to get the drift and haven't called us names since.

You've been needing a haircut for a while and your dad has been teasing you by smoothing your hair down over your eyes and saying "Hey E, you're a little Bieber!" (look up Justin Bieber circa 2010) and every time you scowl and exasperatedly state "I am not a Beiber, ANYMORE!" as if you're sick to death of us reproaching you with your tawdry past.

Things were been pretty crazy with your sister being born and then with her getting RSV and having to be hospitalized for a few days. While I stayed with her in the hospital you and your dad hung out at home watching movies and doing Reckless Boy Things like you cramming yourself into a clothes hamper and your dad picking it up and swinging you around the house in wild circles.

It was such a relief when Mimi recovered and was able to come home. I could tell that it was stressing you out to have the two of us away in the hospital and to see Mimi hooked up with wires. When we came home it was like a tightness melted out of you. You are already a great big brother, always wanting to know where "Baby Nomi" is and trying to help her if she's crying.

You make us proud.