I love the illustrations on Olliegraphic's line of customizable dishes, pillows, growth charts, etc... I think the characters you can create using the different mix-and-match options are very cute in a sweetly retro way. I've been thinking about getting E a custom plate for his birthday or Christmas but they were priced a bit more than I wanted to pay.

So last week when I saw a pay-$10-get-$20 voucher on sale at Zulily I snapped that baby up. Do yo shop at Zulily? Lately I've become somewhat addicted to checking their sales. The deals aren't always that great but occasionally they're fantastic. If you'd like, sign up using this link and I'll get a kick-back when you make your first purchase.

I am really trying (and so far have a mixed track record) to keep up on birthdays this year AND I even have vague ambitions of putting together my Christmas gifts a little at a time throughout the year. (Live the dream!)