Letter to Mimi: Month Three

Dear Mimi,

This last month you've blossomed into awareness and you're no longer a sleeping little lump. You have your own opinions and you ARE going to tell us about them!

With that said, you're still very mellow and most of the time you're happy hanging out in your bouncy seat or swing chomping on your hands and watching us bustle around the house. But if I leave the room for a few seconds too long you start squawking to let me know you're not happy about being left alone. Then when you see me come back your whole face LIGHTS UP. It kind of makes me melt.

It seems like we've finally figured out your sleep schedule, more or less. Your naps are rather all over the place and you end up snoozing in your car seat a lot as I run errands. But if you're not ready for bed by 8:15 pm you promptly turn into a pumpkin and collapse into a fit of shrieking cries. It's took us a while to figure it out but now we just put you to bed before then (duh).

When you're not tired you are such a happy baby. Sometimes when you're nursing you pull away just to look me in the eye and giggle and grin. I'm not sure what the joke is but I can't help laughing along.