A Really Lovely Weekend

This last weekend was great. On Saturday E and I (but let's be honest, mostly I) put in our vegetable garden. We planted some strawberries, Walla Walla onions, spinach, zucchini, tomatoes and started some lettuce from seed. I ran out of time (and steam) on Saturday but am still going to plant beets, beans, and cucumbers from seed as soon as the rain we're having lets up.

Then on Sunday after church N made me a tasty lunch of ramen noodles with kimchi and ham while I baked him some belated birthday cupcakes. The afternoon was a fun mish-mosh of celebrations. After lunch we sang "Happy Birthday" to N, scarfed down our vegan chocolate cupcakes, and then N and E gave me my Mother's Day gift:

A Polaroid SX-70 OneStep camera and several packs of Impossible Project film! I was THRILLED.

And then after I finished ooing-and-aahing over my new toy we all took long naps.

It was great.

The End.