Speaking of Food Allergies...

Even though E has tested negative for it up until now, it turns out that he is also allergic to shrimp. We found this out when we um, had shrimp for dinner last night. He threw up several times and got hives but after some Benadryl his reaction calmed down.

Finding out that he has another food allergy in addition to milk, eggs, peanuts, and nuts hit me kind of hard. Not because a shrimp allergy is especially difficult to manage (it's a cake walk compared to milk and eggs) but because it made me despair that E's food allergies are ever going to be getter. It seems like the odds of him outgrowing them are getting worse and worse.

I try to keep things in perspective--I'll take food allergies over the host of ailments other kids and families struggle with (bone cancer anyone?), but I have to admit that despite all that sometimes I get a bit discouraged.