Turning Over a New Leaf*

{*I know, I know, but I couldn't resist the pun.}

When we bought our house way back when I had dreams of tending a bountiful garden but except for a few half-hearted attempts at growing tomatoes I never really did anything. But this summer is going to be different! This time around I'm not going to give up and let the weeds overtake everything. Serious Faith is serious! and all that.

So I planted this pot of herbs for our patio. It has rosemary, mint, purple and sweet basil, oregano, and cilantro in it. In the past I've had horrible luck growing cilantro and rosemary so we'll see how they do this time.

In our garden plot I put in some strawberries, onions (Walla Walla and scallions), tomatoes, cauliflower (I was curious to see what it looked like as it grows), zucchini, beets, spinach, and two lettuce mixes. I'm especially excited about homegrown tomatoes; they taste so much better than the store-bought ones.

Did you know that tomato cages come in fun colors? They cost a bit more than the normal ones but they were so cheery that I couldn't resist.

I'm pretty sure that being so stylish is going to help my tomatoes taste extra delicious. :)