Letter to Mimi: Month Five

Dear Mimi,

After a lot of practice, you finally rolled over this last month! Now as soon as I put you on your stomach you tip yourself to the side and roll onto your back, quick as a flash. I've had to really up the antics to keep you entertained for tummy time. So far you're into situational and prop comedy but turn your nose up at impressions.

Besides rolling over you love, love, love grabbing your toes. As soon as I take your socks off (or you pull them off) you immediate reach for your toes and try to cram them in your mouth. It's pretty cute.

I think your teeth are starting to come in because you will gnaw on everything given the chance. I'm not too good about remembering milestones (one of the reasons I write these letters) but I think that your brother didn't start teething for at least a few more months um, so there's that. Teething also means that you've also started biting occasionally when I'm nursing you and uh, yeouch! and also stop.

We're gearing up to take you on your first trip away from home. We have back-to-back family reunions in WA and OR and even though I'm a little bit nervous about taking you away from your routine I'm looking forward to showing you off a bit. We all love you so much and know that the rest of our families will too.