Mondays are teh lame

It turns out that the noted 20th-century philosopher Garfield was correct. I'm looking at the front end of this week already feeling exhausted. It think it's mostly because I've had a raging sinus infection for a few days now and add to that several big work deadlines, a teething baby who has sleeping more poorly than she ever has before, and a dentist appointment to get a few cavities filled and blarg, my friends. BLARG.

But yesterday was actually really lovely. At church I taught the lesson in Relief Society and I drew heavily from this talk. (Read it if you have a few seconds; it is really great.) I still get ridiculously nervous when I teach at church but I think I'm slowly getting better at being more coherent. At least I hope so :)

After our church meetings we drove to my in-laws' church service. They were scheduled to speak about their recent mission experience in Korea and it was great to hear their remarks. And then we came home, the stars aligned, and we all took much needed naps. Yay for naps.

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