The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

So um, hi there! I kept meaning to post but things were pretty crazy for a while. We were all sick: it really dragged on and on and I was swamped with work at the same time. When I've been sick for a while and I'm not sleeping well I lose track of the fact that in general I love my life and suddenly Everything Is Horrible! and It Has Always Been Horrible! and It Will Always Be Horrible! The End. It's something I need to work on.

To be honest I wasn't a lot of fun to be around: I was pretty grumpy and kept snapping at N. I wouldn't blame poor N if he was secretly relieved to ship his grumpy wife and the kids off to my parents' house for while.

I was nervous about flying by myself with the two kids but Melissa reminded me that you can get a gate ticket for an escort to help you through security. So my sweet mother-in-law helped us to our gate which was a big help.

Except for Mimi having a diaper blowout the flight was pretty uneventful. Even though E hasn't had an accident in a long time I was a bit nervous about him being in underwear for the flight but he did great. E's getting to be quite the old hand at flying.

While it's hard to live out of suitcases (especially with a baby) I'm feeling better and more like myself. Stuffing my face with yummy Korean food, relaxing for an afternoon at the spa, and spending some time catching up with old friends will do that to me every time :) Now I'm just counting down the days until N gets here.

I've repented of my blog-shirking ways and have a few posts lined up for while I'm away so check back next week.