Rock-Rock-Rock-Rockaway Beach

Hard to believe that this was the view out our window only a day-and-a-half ago:

It was wonderful to stay on the beach (as in walk-off-the-porch-and-you're-on-the-beach) for an entire week. We decided at the last minute that driving the 14+ hours home from Rockaway Beach, OR to Salt Lake City with a breast-feeding infant and a toilet-training 3-year-old would be marginally less painful if we drove through the night while both kidlets slept. So we packed the kids into the car around midnight Sunday morning and made it home around 5 o'clock that night.

The plan worked pretty well and we only made stops for food/diaper changes/potty breaks/gas/the search for an open gas station at 3 am. Did you know that most of the gas stations in small Oregon towns close for the night around 10pm but leave their signs and lights on? So if you find yourself in a small town running low on gas at 3 am your search gets rather frustrating when you drive up to yet another well-lit station to find that they are actually closed. I had panicky visions of having to park and wait until a station opened at 7 am but some helpful hotel clerks directed us to the one station in town open at night and everything worked out okay.

But don't worry, Oregon. Despite your old-fashioned and inconvenient ideas about gasoline we still love you. You are magical and I miss you already. Xoxo.