Letter to Mimi: Months Six and Seven

Dear Mimi,

We had some fun adventures this summer. I took you on your first plane ride. You and your brother and I flew to Seattle to visit my parents. Because they've been in poor health this last year and unable to travel this was the first time they met you in person. They loved you like I knew they would and it made me happy to see you together.

Then your dad and the rest of my family came to town and then we all went to Ocean Shores, WA for a family reunion. Even though your nap schedule got shuffled around you were a trooper during all the chaos. You loved being around all the kids and your cousins Ivy and Clara doted on you ridiculously.

It would be fun if I could say that you loved the ocean at first sight, that you felt a primal oneness with that great force which settled over you as a mystical calm. But mostly you were just upset about the wind blowing in your face.

After the Ocean Shores the four of us (I love saying "the four of us") drove down the the coast to Rockaway Beach, OR. It was a leisurely drive along the winding Pacific Coast highway, through the sort of lush green gray scenery that never fails to make me feel at home. For the most part you were content to nap or be entertained by your brother's clowning. It was a lovely, lovely drive.

And then we were in Oregon. Our beach house there was right on the beach, so close that instead of plugging in the white noise machine we run at home to help you sleep I could open the windows and let the sound of the waves fill the room. As soon as you heard them you felt at home and your eyes would immediately start fluttering shut. (Because your first teeth were coming in your eyes had trouble STAYING shut, but whatever.)

You loved watching all your cousins run around from the safety of our arms. With all aunts and grandma around you had plenty of people willing to hold and snuggle you. Fortunately you weren't clingy and went to whoever wanted to hold you.

During these last two months you did a slew of things for the first time: you rolled from your back onto your tummy, you got your first tooth (bottom front right), you started giving kisses (e.g. opening your drooling mouth as wide as you can and mashing it on my face while humming--let's just say I'm looking forward to your form improving a bit), and you learned to sit up on your own.

There were ups-and-downs but this summer was wonderful. Some things are more complicated now (e.g. it's harder to leave the house on time or work on my reports or get dinner on the table as planned) but it's just so satisfying to have you around. Your sweet presence is like a balm that soothes an itch I didn't know existed until it was gone.