14 Hours, 1400 Miles

On Saturday N and I left the house at 6 am at flew to Seattle. It felt so strange to be flying without any luggage or carry-ons. From the airport we headed straight to the funeral. It was a really lovely service and afterwards there was a lot of catching up with family and swapping funny stories about Grandpa.

After the graveside service and a quick family lunch we headed back to the airport and few back to Salt Lake. Incredibly enough we were back home in time to put E to bed.

It was a surreal day in a lot of ways but I'm so glad we went. It was very comforting to be able to pay our respects to Grandpa.

Hearing people talk about him was really inspiring. He had a lot of good qualities that I want to emulate, especially the ability to find the funny aspect of any situation. Things that would bother most people didn't annoy him; they amused him. Whomever he spent time with left feeling better about things than they did before.

How awesome would life be if more of us were like that?

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