Extended Warranty, FTW!

I'm not much of a Black Friday shopper but this year I'm looking forward to hitting up the sales because we're going to be getting a new TV--for FREE! (Well, almost free.)

Almost five years ago we bought a new TV on the day after Christmas. We were upgrading from the old CRT model that N had bought when he was in college. At the time it was the most money we had ever spent on anything, other than our house, so we also got a 5-year extended warranty for about $200.

For the most part the tv worked great until the last few years when it's been having problems. We've had the repair guy out several times and he's replaced various parts but it still kept breaking. Our warranty expires this December 26th so I was getting anxious to get the TV fixed before it ran out but we just got word that the store is replacing our set with a new one because it's more cost-effective than repairing it. Yay!

So we can either take this set or we can pick out a different model and get the equivalent cost in store credit. On Black Friday we're going to head to the store and see what the deals are so we can get the most out of our store credit. It almost feels like we've won a sweepstakes or something.